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Vi vill att spelare ska förstå spelande.

• 1 vecka sedan
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jvspin has a bad term, they can refuse any withdrawal should the deposit or withdrawal amounts be inconsistent with stakes of bets placed. Permitted withdrawal amounts shall be calculated based on the total amount of the bets placed from a deposit (the total value of all your stakes must be equal to at least half the value of all the deposits that you made). Are you kidding , this is money that has no bonus attached to it. yet they make you wager money up to the total of all previous deposits before you can withdraw . WTF is that , your kiddingright and guru has them as a 8.3 . so example youve deposited 3000 and lost it all of course and then you deposit 100 dollars again you must wager over 1500 at the least before you can withdraw any money lololololololololololololol
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  • terms are mentally unfair
JVSpin Casino
Thanks for your feedback

Let me correct you a little - if a player loses a deposit he has wagered it. Accordingly the player will have to wager only the second deposit.

These rules are spelled out on the website and are fully respected.
If you have any further questions, I will be happy to answer them
• 2 veckor sedan
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see that vulkan vegas replies to reviews yet not changes they still lie . their winners list is a complete lie and yet they avoid the questions. getting 5000 plus dollars and i couldnt get up more than 100 dollars in a session isnt bad luck. anybody that tells you that its unlucky is a liar. guru site must be paid alot from them to hold them so high of a standard when its a fact they lie about everything. well finally i see grtu site changed their staus of vulkan vegas thank you sry
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• 1 månad sedan
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i lost 3700 here every spin nothing , bad luck i highly doubt it. so i get 19 dollars in cash back on 3700 also i get 2 dollars in loyalty points on 3700 and it both have to be wagered lololololo. play here if you want to lose all your money. chat isnt helpful. stay away from this scam. guru site having it this kind of rating is ridiculous.
Vulkan Vegas Casino
Dear winner1177
Sorry you were not lucky this time. We cordially wish to see you among winners next time!
Also, there is no wagering requirement for the money exchanged from loyalty points (this makes VulkanVegas quite unique).

Have a nice one!
• 3 månader sedan
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so i see guru has this site rated 8.2 . that to me is way to high in my opinion. i did read the reviews people put here , i wish i read before i would not have played there. i lost 700 playing dollars playing dollar spins and every slot paid well well below normal, bonus rounds in slots were pretty much non existent and when you got one it paid around 7 dollars. This is online casino getting 7 dollars bonus rounds is bad . also i dont think they any live chat , you only can contact them by email , now i know why . i wouldnt recommend this site to anybody. did like the lay out of the casino but 700 dollars of nothing , unlucky i doubt it . rtp pays nothing which means its either one of 2 things . no players or they scam one or the other . there is alot i mean alot better places to play at
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• 3 månader sedan
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first time i played there , i deposited 3 times first 2 deposits were nothing the third i think i managed to get up to a balance of 60000 CAD. i hoped i would get paid and i did without much hassle. i did only ending up withdrawing 27000 but was paid
  • Jet Casino is probably one of the best out there . period.