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Wild Fortune issues

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Hello there, Alex.

do I assume correctly, that your account has been fully verified?

If so, I take it as a good sign. We allow casinos 14 days to complete the verification and process the withdrawal, it makes me feel that it's too early for panic. 🙂

If I may add a personal point, never play in the casino to solve financial issues, it's a way to hell.

Let us know how you're faring in the next couple of days, I want to make what's happening.

Stay well!

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2 mÄnader sedan

I just got paid !!@@@ will take down my sorrowfull post!!! Yay

aocowdery 2 mÄnader sedan


I'm so happy that it all went well!

Just to say, it's a pity that you deleted your previous post. It's no shame to be worried and in my point of view you did not mention anything preposterous 🙂.

Anyway, I'm happy to see you smiling - are you smiling now, aren't you? 😀

Ändrad av författare 2 mĂ„nader sedan
2 mÄnader sedan

I didn't want to jinx my luck so I deleted it, you sound really lovely 😊 thankyou for your concern and yes I'm smiling, so is my Dad and Mum my wife and two boys..

The universe is coming into a positive alignment I think, let's hope everyone has some good fortune at a point in life , especially at the moment with so much pressure and global war mongering everyone is on edge..

All the best and take care.

Kindest regards


aocowdery 2 mÄnader sedan

Don't worry, I got the point🙂 and it's perfectly understandable.

Nevertheless, I decided to leave my reply here for other players to see, that patience is sometimes the best way to go, and also to let all know that you got the winnings! We all know that this is the most important fact about casinos, after all. 😁

Best regards to you and your lovely family, stay all well and happy - don't let the "darkness" come to your door. đŸ€žđŸ™

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