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1 år sedan av WeigelP
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So it is interesting and quite understandable why you resort to gambling. However, as mentioned in this thread, it is always important to be careful and know when enough is enough, because falling into a "black hole" is certainly not pleasant. Especially if you are shortening your time just by gambling, because it can also lead to money loss. 

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I am glad some people have had some luck with the online casinos. I have had nothing but bad luck. It is not the loosing part that bothers me, it is the withdrawal verification according to the KYC procedure. I have read up on this policy and before they even take a deposit from you to begin with, they are supposed to verify you are who your claiming to be. duh!

They ask for me to send them a copy of my bank statement?? WTH

Of course I said absolutely not! You can keep your $99.

I continued to argue with them about this , why didn’t they askme to verify myself while they were accepting my money, why would I be contact a representative and complaining if I was an imposture. Also why would an imposture want to withdrawal money and put it back in my account and not their own. This is so stupid.

They continued to throw up this KYC procedure policy. So I then copied the complete thing and highlighted the part that says "The importance of KYC in online casinos.

Besides preventing fraud and guaranteeing compliance with age restrictions, KYC helps operators ensure responsible gambling measures and filter out problem gamblers. By monitoring customers’ gambling activity and evaluating their spending patterns, operators can identify those at risk of developing gambling problems, such as gambling addiction. 

Explaining the KYC process in online casinos. 

To comply with KYC requirements for online casinos, players are typically asked to provide a range of personal information (location, age), This way, apart from checking the legitimacy of the funds, i.e., the source, the casino can verify whether the user can afford to play. 

In terms of the positives, technology-driven KYC provides a more efficient and accurate way to authorize user identities and detect fraudulent behavior, along with other signs of problem gambling. 

Just FYI: I feel like they are trying to stop us from having a gambling problem. Not to protect our identities and from our information being stolen

if anyone knows anymore about this procedure please educate me , why they ask for a dang bank statement !!! And let me add it can not be altered at all or it will be rejected. Lol

4 månader sedan

Hello, are you describing an experience that just happened to you in a casino or not ? 

Regarding KYC and what the casino requires from you, I think it is a common thing that players have to provide to the casino in order to successfully go through this process. It is not to misuse the information but to make sure that all the necessary data about the player is collected and the casino is sure that it is the player and not just someone else's information is being misused. Sometimes the casino will allow verification right at the beginning when you open an account, but this is not the rule. Most of the time, verification starts when you make your first withdrawal, which is standard. 

The bank statement is required by the casino to verify that the account belongs to you and as I said it is one of the most basic documents required by the casino along with ID, selfies, driving license, bills and various other documents. 

If you have any other follow-up questions don't hesitate to ask. I hope I have helped you a bit with my answer. 

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I understand verifying someone but most people deposit with a credit card , PayPal etc. so if I had stolen someone’s identity (card)why would I deposit back into that persons account ( think about that). I would ask to deposit in my own account which would certainly throw a red flag. But if I had sent in selfie , picture of card that I used front and back and my driver license how could you not link card to me if address was verified. Hell I had a casino to call me to verify but still wanted that banking information.

But that being said the part I don’t like is where it reads that the bank statement would verify you have the funds to be doing what you’re doing. What business is it of the casinos if a person can afford it or not, absolutely none of their business. Casinos are there to make money off people ( in which they do)not get into a persons finances. This is just my opinion and I am entitled but this is the reason that I do not play them anymore and it was in no way a gambling issue for me personally . I just done it for fun every now and then and if I had won an abundance of money then I would probably just play it out on the games because the one thing they would not be getting was a bank statement. I think there could be some other documentation that could be requested besides a bank statement. Just saying!!!

4 månader sedan

I understand what you are talking about, but as I said bank statement is one of the most basic documents. If someone refuses to provide this document as part of the verification and knows in advance that it is a problem for them, it is best not to play in the casinos because it can be an issue. 

Anyway, I follow your thinking and your logic. Maybe I thought that in such cases it would be nice to play in casinos that don't require verification. But that's just a thought. 

Either way, the best thing to do is definitely not to play and not to lose any money. That's my recommendation. 

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If I may have some insights here, I'd like to say this:

These documents are standard. Casinos usually mention the list of the most common documents you should expect to be asked for, even in their terms and conditions. I'd say providing the banking statement is a normal thing to expect.

It partially has to do something with AML checks and fulfilling the licensing demands.

Thus, "But that being said the part I don’t like is where it reads that the bank statement would verify you have the funds to be doing what you’re doing. What business is it of the casinos if a person can afford it or not, absolutely none of their business. "

This is precisely their business. Try to pass this free e-course, focused on the AML (anti-money laundering) policy and the KYC:

Additionally, banking statements may also serve as proof of address, proof of income, or proof of deposits. That makes them a highly valuable source for the KYC procedure.

And you should be ready to provide it. If you choose not to do so due to your own principles, or opinions, casinos won't be willing to find other ways. Because it is your decision that keeps them on the spot.

Did you catch my meaning? I do not intend to be rude or cheeky; I'm trying to make you understand how the industry works. 🙏

If you really don't want to provide the casino with a bank statement, you should not play there. Try to find a trustworthy crypto casino instead. The best option would be to address the chat operator immediately to be 100% sure your banking details will not be necessary.

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Well for me it's a form of entertainment playing slots. What I think the rise in YouTube videos that's probably not helped where people think watching fake streamers win lots of money, so people use it as a money making, and as we all know you don't make money at gambling you win 200 off one casino the next casino takes it back off you like I said it's pure entertainment value to me I do want to YouTube channel but I will show losses and wins and I always make a point you will not make money gambling well I suppose if you're professional poker player maybe

1 månad sedan

Hi, I see you have a pretty good point. I certainly don't think you can make money gambling either, because you can't. The only win would be if someone managed to hit some big win and never played in a casino again. But obviously we know how it is in today's world. When someone wins a big amount of money they would be tempted to play again because they would think it could happen again. But the truth is that it doesn't have to and with that mindset the money is then lost and put back into the casino.

Also, streamers are definitely a temptation when someone sees how they are doing. Anyway, in this case it is necessary to realize that they are mostly paid on the basis of a contract and it is enough to devote a few hours a day and promote the casino, but most of the time they get paid for it and the overwhelming majority can not keep the winnings. 

That's how I would see it. 

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Totally agree I run a YouTube channel but mine is low stake 10p 20p spins and I'm not sponsored by a casino I just enjoy playing slots and I also love filming it to show people. And I like to show that you can still win Big example I watched a YouTube where someone was at the casino doing £5 spins he hits a bonus now you would think on that stake it should be a nice payout it was £72 I deposited £20 online I did 20p spins on dog house multihold and won £236 and did £20 deposit and won £33 on big bass game with a 10p spin so it just shows you,, but like I said I don't think YouTube helps just seeing winning videos you're some people might want a bit of that an end up spending their wages without gaining anything.

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I also agree. Sometimes you just get lucky and it doesn't matter what bet. I've even seen a player who won 10k from 1€. To me that would be something unbelievable. So maybe it's good that you show how a regular person plays and you see everything- wins, losses, some bonuses and so on. For me, it would be a more credible experience than seeing streamers spinning a $100 bet. 🙂

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I’ve dabbled a bit in gambling, mostly for fun at low stakes. It can be a nice escape, a bit like playing any other game, just with the chance of winning a bit of money. If you're curious about trying it in a relaxed way, Pleeease Casino is a straightforward site to check out. They keep things simple, which is great for casual players.

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Orsak: Just made the link passive.
1 månad sedan

Thank you for the tip. I just made the link of the casino passive for now, as we do not have it in our database. I will pass it to our data team, so they can prepare the full review of this casino.

1 månad sedan

Our data team checked it and has found out that it is not a casino, actually. Is it some kind of social one, perhaps? We do not include those on our websites, as they are not safe, unfortunately.

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